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Mommy Makeover Specialist

Athleo L. Cambre, MD

Plastic Surgeon located in West Hollywood, CA

Pregnancy brings about many changes to your body. And after you give birth, you have a wonderful reward in your healthy baby, but in most cases, your body just isn’t the same. In the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles, Athleo L. Cambre, MD, offers customizable mommy makeovers to give you your confidence and your body back. To explore the many adjustments you can make to your post-childbearing body, call Dr. Cambre’s clinic or book your appointment online today.

Mommy Makeover Q & A

What is a mommy makeover?

After you go through the process of pregnancy, your body doesn’t look the same as it once did. While many of the changes aren’t permanent, some of them are. 

A mommy makeover is a multifaceted procedure performed in a single day (or occasionally in separate stages for safety reasons) that addresses the post-pregnancy bodily changes that bother you the most.  

During your consultation with Dr. Cambre, you’ll discuss the changes to your body and work with him to choose from a list of procedures that can meet your goals. 

What procedures can I get for my mommy makeover?

Dr. Cambre offers several surgical procedures as part of your mommy makeover plan. You can choose several of these procedures:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Butt lift

Am I a candidate for a mommy makeover?

Dr. Cambre assesses your body and your goals to make sure that a mommy makeover is a safe option for you. 

You might be a good candidate for a personalized mommy makeover if you:

  • Are finished having children
  • Are at or near your ideal weight
  • Have generally good health
  • Don’t like the way your body looks
  • Have realistic expectations for your procedures

To get the most out of your mommy makeover, you must follow all of Dr. Cambre’s instructions as closely as possible. If you’re not a good candidate for a mommy makeover, he can guide you to other procedures and options to help you accept your new body.

What is the recovery like after a mommy makeover?

Recovery times and steps vary greatly after mommy makeovers because the procedure is customized to your specifications.

Dr. Cambre may also give you medications to promote healing and reduce your risk of infection. You should be prepared to make time for follow-up appointments to be sure that you’re recovering well. 

If you’re struggling to accept the changes to your body that appear during or after pregnancy, don’t hesitate to call Athleo L. Cambre, MD, or book a consultation online to discuss your options for a mommy makeover.